Groupe VSF :
a story that has been written since 1993...

The key dates of our development

Point gris VSF

1993: The story begins with the creation of VSF, in Vendôme (41).

Point gris VSF

2007: VSF moves to Saint-Amand-Longpré (41). Franck Martin takes over the group management.

Point gris VSF

2013: Opening of a new warehouse in Valence.

Points gris et bleu VSF et Panther Pro

2014: Panther Pro joins Groupe VSF. VSF opens a new warehouse in Guichen.

Points gris, bleu et orange pour VSF, Panther Pro et Glass & Boost

2017: Opening of the Glass & Boost Training Center.

Point gris VSF

2018: Opening of a warehouse in Agen.

Point bleu

2020: Panther Pro now features 2 divisions: Automotive and Industry.

Point gris VSF

2021: Opening of a warehouse in Châlons-en-Champagne. Creation of VSF Sports.

Points gris bleu orange bleu foncé aux 4 couleurs du Groupe VSF

2022: Groupe VSF: new visual identity

Interview with Groupe VSF founders

What memories do you have of 1993?

Franck Martin

I remember feeling slight vertigo before the unknown, as if I was about to take a great leap into an uncertain but exciting future.

Dominique Peyrache

On my end, I recall great excitement. A certain anxiety and, at the same time, freedom: the freedom to put into practice our aspirations to improve this profession.

What were your ambitions and motivations when you started?

Franck Martin

At the beginning, and I don’t deny it, my ambition was to have just that! Even starting modestly, we always wanted to do better, to become better than our competitor, and better than what we were the day before. Finally, after many years, I believe that the pursuit has been reached!

Dominique Peyrache

We simply wanted to do something different from what we had previously experienced in the glass and trade business. In particular, we wanted to focus on service and professionalism.

What has kept you going all these years?

Franck Martin

In order to move forward each day, you have to fight stress and solve daily problems. I love my job as much as my colleagues and cars! And this cocktail seems to work for me!

Remembering the words of the bankers who didn’t want to follow along at the beginning as they predicted we wouldn’t last more than 3 years, that remains our driving force to this day.

Dominique Peyrache

Once you’ve got the hang of it, the will to persevere and never give up carries you along without ever giving up. Add to that a small dose of pride, perhaps, and you’re done!

What is VSF’s DNA and how does it differ from other companies?

Franck Martin

In my opinion, VSF is first and foremost a family business, nimble and therefore responsive, and we do our best to be that through everyone’s professionalism and a job well done.

Human adventure is at the heart of our success, whether it’s our long-time collaborators or the crew of over 250 people now.

Without all these people, and without my “VSF Task Force”, it would not be possible to get all the work done!

Dominique Peyrache

Originally, VSF was a family creation. And I have always wanted to remain in this dynamic in order to pass on VSF to our descendants. The group’s DNA is based on this family spirit.

How do you see the company today?

Franck Martin

It’s sometimes mind-blowing to see that the company is almost 30 years old and still making double-digit profits. This year we will exceed €80m and nearly 800,000 glass pieces sold.

It was very hard to reach first place, now we keep on working hard to hold this place, with a better image in the field.

Dominique Peyrache

There is certainly dynamism, but we must also be vigilant when it comes to our internal decisions, and not allow ourselves to become intoxicated by our current success. It’s important to persevere within the framework of our primary activity, and to diversify but with caution!

Evolution of Groupe VSF’s logos


Logo VSF 1993


Logo VSF 2013


Logo VSF


Groupe VSF Logo